Strain Profile

Terpenes Thailand provides 29 different terpene strains

Banana Kush

The scent of this strain is similar to that of a fresh banana, along with a citrusy hint providing a tropical flowery aroma. It may also reduce stress, migraines, depression, and chronic pains.

Tangerine Ghost Dream

The Tangerine Ghost Dream has a sweet and citrusy taste giving off a dank and earthy aroma. This strain may help reduce pain, mood disorders, and increase energy.


The well-known Bubblegum strain gives off a strong taste of candy with a fruity hint. This strain may help with reducing stress, anxiety, eating disorders, and depression.

Grape Ape

Named after the distinct grape-like aroma, Grape Ape is similar to a berry candy. It’s fruity, earthy, sweet, and woody. This berry-like strain may also help with muscle aches, insomnia, and relaxation.

Lemon Haze

This strain is perfect for anyone trying to relieve pain and gain more energy. Its sweet and lemony taste resembles that of a lemonade making it a refreshing go-to choice of terpene.

Thai Stick

Inspired by Thailand’s world-famous cannabis, Thai Stick brings the consumer a new level of

relaxation. It has a unique flavour combination of chestnuts, lemon, grapefruit and tobacco with a pungent and earthy aroma.

Raspberry Sorbet

This sour and sticky strain may leave newer consumers feeling pretty lazy, but it is great for music, art, and socialising. The taste is raspberry dominant with a hint of refreshing citrus aromas, similar to a fruit roll up.


Strawberry Banana or Strawnana for short, gets its name from the scent it produces that’s mostly of tropical bananas, coupled with undertones of sweet and creamy berries with an earthy aroma. It’s also known for its ability to help with hyperactivity, stress, alzheimers, and relaxation.

Chocolate Thai

This strain has a distinct dark chocolate flavour with notes of coffee. Chocolate Thai is one of the best strains that provides a boost of energy as well as alleviating muscle pains. This terpene may

also help with therapeutic issues, stress and insomnia.

Mango Kush

The Mango Kush blend offers a wonderful tropical mango taste with a sweet aroma accompanied by distinct notes of pine. It is known for its merry and calming effects along with its sleep aid


Peach Puree

This strain offers fruity citrus and sweet cream flavours that resembles a mixture of peach

and cream with a hint of citrus. The peach puree has been said to help with muscle spasms, appetite

control, and anxiety.

Jack Flash

This terpene can be found in rosemary, lemon, and pines offering citrusy and cypress

aromas. It may help with anti-inflammatory effects, as well as promote bone health and chronic pain relief.

Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express cannabis strain became popular after the movie “Pineapple Express” and the same has been true for the terpenes. It offers a tropical and light citrus flavour.

Animal Cookies

Animal cookies, AKA Animal crackers, have a sweet and sour aroma. It may help with pain, insomnia, and anxiety. This strain’s flavour is described as baked cherry cookies with notes of nuts and vanilla.

Sour Cherry

It has strong notes of cherry and lime accompanied by an aroma of tropical fruits. This strain may help with pain, insomnia, mood and anxiety.


AKA Larry Bird and Gelato#42, helps with relaxation, pain and fatigue. This terpene is well known and loved for its sweet and minty vanilla flavour with a fruity candy aroma.

Durban Poison

Originating from the South African port city Durban, this strain tastes of sweet sage and pine with an herbal aroma. It may also help with stress, pain and anxiety.

Apple Fritter

Apple fritter creates a relaxed, tingly, and giggly feeling that helps with stress and anxiety. This terpene tastes like a mix of apple, strawberry, cheese and vanilla in a casserole with a pastry-like aroma.

Purple Haze

A strain popularised by Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 classic song. The Purple Haze can help with calmness, fatigue, migraines, and anxiety. The taste is spicy and flowery accompanied by a fruity and sweet aroma.

Lemon Sherbet

This strain offers a distinctive scent lemon with an aroma of what can be described as

a tropical mix of citrus sherbet. The Lemon Sherbet terpene can help relieve stress and pain along with the

uplifting mood it may provide.

Black Domina Berry

This strain is known for its unmistakable flavour & aroma profile. Black Domina Berry offers a fruity taste and relaxes your body to the wonderful herbal and citrus scent.

Black Forest Kush

This strain may alleviate pain and help with relaxation and loss of appetite. The taste is a favourite for many as it is very similar to a mixture of dark black cherry mixed with black forest gateau with a hash, pungent, and sweet aroma.

Blueberry Muffin

A sweet blend of vanilla and blueberry. This fantastic choice for those suffering from depression, insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Lemon Sour Diesel

Comes from a world-famous sativa-dominant strain named after its aroma, an intoxicating smell of lemons and the pungent stench of diesel fuel.

Guava Jelly

Known for its pungent, tropical smell and often produces fruity and flowery tastes.


is like a walk through a lush berry patch. Myrcene gives it an earthy touch, while caryophyllene adds a hint of spice, together creating that sweet, familiar aroma of strawberries.

Concord grape

scent comes from a mix of terpenes that together mimic the fruit's rich, juicy aroma. Myrcene and pinene play major roles, combining musky and piney notes for that grape-like smell.


is a citrus dream, thanks to limonene, which gives it that zesty, orange scent. It's like peeling a fresh clementine, the aroma bursting into the air, bright and mood-lifting.


smells like a citrusy brunch cocktail, offering a cheerful and mood-enhancing aroma. With limonene at the forefront, it's a complex and inviting scent that can enhance your mood and awaken your senses.

Terpene product description

Terpenes Thailand provides 29 different terpene strains, each with its own aromatic and exquisite fragrance. Certain strains are dominated by different terpenes, giving each one a unique essence complementary to nature’s vast variation of plant life. Whether you incorporate terpenes into drinks or daily products, they won't disappoint, but enhance your experience of using or consuming your favourite products.

Extracted from organic flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits, and other plants, our terpenes offer numerous long-term benefits to both the body and mind. Some welfare benefits of terpenes include pain relief, stress relief, relaxation, memory retention, mood enhancement, anti-inflammatory , anti-depressant, antioxidant, sleep aid, etc. Certain strains may have similar benefits while others differ enormously, so using more than one strain simultaneously could benefit your wellness even more so.